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[28]2  Minor change to pxeconfig/pxeconfigd utiltites. Added '-V/--version'
3  flag for printing version info.
[31]5  Updated the INSTALL instructions. Howto use it for systemimager 3.X
6  versions
9  Pxeconfig can now be used interactively or via command line
10  options.
13  Fixed a bug in hexls. The regular expression to determine if
14  a filename is pxe hex filename or ordinary filename was wrong.
[17]17  Bugfix now we can run pxeconfig a second time to change the pxe boot file.
18  Reported by: Ole Holm Nielsen
[17]20  Phrase change use 'Select a number:' instead of 'Choice a number'
21  Proposed by: Ole Holm Nielsen
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