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(edit) @60   18 years bas pxeconfig, Changelog: - New pxeconfig version fixed a bug in …
(edit) @58   18 years bas pxeconfig: - Forgot to include interactive option in help
(edit) @57   18 years bas pxeconfig: - VERSION="0.6.1"
(edit) @55   18 years bas pxeconfig: - Version 0.6.1 - Fixed an error for interactive mode - …
(edit) @53   18 years bas pxeconfig: - Added --debug and --remover option
(edit) @51   19 years bas pxeconfig: - Fix an error in indentation
(edit) @49   19 years bas pxeconfig: - Changed the inline documentation
(edit) @47   19 years bas pxeconfig: - Added hostname support instead of C-class types
(edit) @45   19 years bas update version info for: - pxeconfig, pxeconfigd and control …
(edit) @42   20 years bas Changed for all programm version info to 0.4.3
(edit) @31   21 years bas Updated version info and changelog
(edit) @29   21 years bas Changed from CVS to SVN
(edit) @24   21 years sscpbas pxeconfig: changed -v to -V for version info
(edit) @23   21 years sscpbas pxeconfig: Added version support. (-v, --version)
(edit) @20   21 years sscpbas pxeconfig: Changed some text and removed some obselete code.
(edit) @19   21 years sscpbas pxeconfig: Added command line options so that we can use the program …
(edit) @16   22 years sscpbas Changed the phrase 'Choice a number' to 'Select a number'
(edit) @15   22 years sscpbas Added a Changelog for the distribution and fix an error when pxeconfig …
(edit) @14   22 years sscpbas Placed alle files under GPL license. So everybody can use it.
(edit) @10   22 years sscpbas pxeconfig has some changes that i did not knew!! and some …
(edit) @9   22 years sscpbas Fixes some typos. Thanks to Huun Stoffers
(edit) @6   22 years sscpbas Added the license info to each utility and fix and error in the getopt …
(edit) @4   22 years sscpbas Fixed an error in the getopt handling for the client and server. …
(edit) @3   22 years sscpbas Added command line option to specifiy where the pxe config directory …
(add) @2   22 years sscpbas Initial revision
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