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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10 Python module pxeconfig not found bas defect blocker pxeconfig 3.0.3
#18 Question about Bittorrent and the masterscript bas task blocker pxeconfig 4.1.0
#1 Test UNKNOWN defect major component1
#2 Testje UNKNOWN defect major component1
#3 pxe conf dir confurable via config file bas enhancement major pxeconfig 0.6.6
#6 Adding pading character bas task major pxeconfig 0.7.1
#8 replace getopt function by OptionParser somebody enhancement major pxeconfig 3.0.0
#9 shouldn't need to specify default file upon removal with -r somebody defect major pxeconfig 2.0.0
#11 client_script_hook required somebody defect major pxeconfig 3.1.0
#12 Update Syslinux to a newer version somebody task major pxeconfig 4.0.2
#13 [patch] wrong entry in /etc/services somebody defect major debian 3.1.2
#17 client_script_hook add/remove bas defect major pxeconfig 4.0.2
#7 PXE_CONF_DIR should be configurable somebody defect minor pxeconfig 0.7.1
#14 [patch] wrong dependencies in Debian package bas defect minor debian 3.1.2
#15 pxeconfigd error bas defect trivial pxeconfig 4.0.2
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