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2              This is the SALI autoinstall system
4 Your autoinstall has failed.  You can use the shell prompt to try and see
5 what happened.  You may be able to use the <Shift>+<Page Up> keys to scroll
6 back and see the text that has passed off the top of the screen.  You can use
7 <alt>+<f2>, <f3>, or <f4> to work at an alternate shell prompt and preserve
8 your messages on the main screen, which is on <alt>+<f1>.  Then go back and
9 re-read the documentation to see if your problem is described there. 
10 You have read the documentation, right? :-)
12 If you absolutely cannot figure it out, visit the SALI support page
13 at
15 If you find the answer and it's not in the documentation, or if you identify
16 a bug, please submit a bug report at the SALI support page:
17   - mail bug report to:
18   - or
20 Good Luck!!
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