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(edit) @625   6 years dennis Tagging 1.6.7
(edit) @624   6 years dennis Update CHANGELOG before tagging last 1.6.x release
(edit) @623   6 years dennis Updating trunk from 1.6 branch
(edit) @622   6 years dennis Need to redirect /dev/null to the file!
(edit) @621   6 years bas updated kernel to 3.14.28 and update kernel config file and version
(edit) @620   6 years dennis Output of os.listdir is arbitrary, so use sorted with a …
(edit) @619   6 years dennis Intial start of the new init scripts
(edit) @618   6 years dennis Some improvements for distribution, next step, init script (perhaps …
(edit) @617   6 years dennis Added some file, we begin again with version 1.0.0 …
(edit) @616   6 years dennis Moving scripts to bin
(edit) @615   6 years dennis Remove old libs
(edit) @614   6 years dennis Remove this dir, we use virtualenv
(edit) @613   6 years dennis Implemented daemonize code
(edit) @612   6 years dennis For testing set sleep time at 30, reenable tornado logging to syslog, …
(edit) @611   6 years dennis Some major modifications to the html
(edit) @610   6 years dennis Implemented getimage and imager, with locking, so if the getimage is …
(edit) @609   6 years dennis Some cleanup
(edit) @608   6 years dennis Added preperation code for fetching an image
(edit) @607   6 years dennis Added the beginning of getimage
(edit) @606   6 years dennis Some minor changes to the code
(edit) @605   7 years dennis Added a Tracker, Fixed a bug in the when using a announce-list
(edit) @604   7 years dennis Added a database class
(edit) @603   7 years dennis Changed style of code to be the same in all classes, disabled logging …
(edit) @602   7 years dennis Again some major changes, imager daemon is nearing completion
(edit) @601   7 years dennis Added some comments
(edit) @600   7 years dennis Implemented multiprocessing with some error checking
(edit) @599   7 years dennis Some adjustments
(edit) @598   7 years dennis Some minor changes to the code
(edit) @597   7 years dennis Changed xmlrpc communication to Aria2 to be more realiable
(edit) @596   7 years dennis New kernel and new aria version, perhaps this fixes a strange error …
(edit) @595   7 years dennis Making a branch from the 1.6 version, trunk is for version 1.7/2.0
(edit) @594   7 years dennis Some major changes
(edit) @593   7 years bas added /var/cfengine/bin to PATH, see #73
(edit) @592   7 years dennis Some small changes
(edit) @591   7 years dennis Added the begining of the server tools
(edit) @590   7 years dennis First remove all files, to much has been changed
(edit) @589   7 years bas added cfengine 3.5.3 to our SALI kernel/initrd. Just a default …
(edit) @588   7 years dennis Some Minor Changes
(edit) @587   7 years dennis Tagging new release of SALI
(edit) @586   7 years dennis Minor bugfix to fetch aria2 download information
(edit) @585   7 years dennis Small modification
(edit) @584   7 years bas Test svn merge script
(edit) @583   8 years dennis Tagging new bigfix release of SALI 1.6.2
(edit) @582   8 years dennis Fixed a bug for partition command, reported by Jaap Dijkshoorn
(edit) @581   8 years dennis Tagging a new release of SALI
(edit) @580   8 years dennis Adjusted the xmlrpc-c.rul file to include the correct curl version, …
(edit) @579   8 years dennis Pushing change from tag/1.6.0 to trunk
(edit) @578   8 years dennis Small fix
(edit) @577   8 years dennis Tagging new release SALI 1.6.0
(edit) @576   8 years dennis Adjusted the url
(edit) @575   8 years dennis Updated kernel version for i386
(edit) @574   8 years dennis Some final adjustments for SARA to SURFsara
(edit) @573   8 years dennis Dropped support for reiserfs and ppc64
(edit) @572   8 years dennis It is
(edit) @571   8 years dennis Minor change to the sali_check script
(edit) @570   8 years dennis Changing SARA to SURFsara
(edit) @569   8 years dennis Some minor changes to make sure that we don't try to create devices …
(edit) @568   8 years dennis Changed location of the rsyncd.conf file, closes #65
(edit) @567   8 years dennis Last software update changes, trunk is working again
(edit) @566   8 years dennis Updated version numbers of various packages
(edit) @565   8 years dennis Working version with new udev
(edit) @564   8 years dennis This folder is obsolete
(edit) @563   8 years dennis First changed for 1.6.0
(edit) @562   8 years dennis Merged branch/1.5 to trunk
(edit) @561   8 years dennis Fixed a typo
(edit) @560   8 years bas fixed a typo, see #67
(edit) @559   8 years bas added example of exclude files fixed an error in getimage, closes #66
(edit) @558   8 years bas fxed an error in getimgae, forgot to delete " on command line
(edit) @557   8 years dennis Tagging new release of SALI
(edit) @556   8 years dennis Added a new script to make sure all the needed firmwares for the …
(edit) @555   8 years dennis Preparing new release new version of SALI
(edit) @554   8 years dennis Made some minor changes
(edit) @553   8 years bas more fault prove getimage script
(edit) @552   8 years bas add some examples and contrib script to reflect the dcoumentation
(edit) @551   8 years bas some minor change
(edit) @550   8 years bas added getimage script
(edit) @549   8 years bas Use long option for cpio. It is better for reading
(edit) @548   8 years dennis Also update the changelog for the tagged version
(edit) @547   8 years dennis Forgot to checking the CHANGELOG
(edit) @546   8 years dennis Tagging new bugfix release of SALI
(edit) @545   8 years dennis Also remove the sali_bootdisk when doing a distclean
(edit) @544   8 years dennis Added a simple setup to generate a bootable iso which can be burned to …
(edit) @543   8 years dennis Removed these empty folders
(edit) @542   8 years dennis Added some first files to create a bootable cd/dvd/usb, see #56
(edit) @541   8 years dennis Added a new directory to the svn, this folder will contain the …
(edit) @540   8 years bas - When creating a tarball clean up the directory …
(edit) @539   8 years bas fixed some issues with grub2 installation. Some distributions use …
(edit) @538   8 years bas use sali-<version> as root directory to extract
(edit) @537   8 years bas Applied patch from 1.5 branch
(edit) @536   8 years bas fixed permissions for sshd private keys, see #51
(edit) @535   8 years bas added bison
(edit) @534   8 years bas added a warning to the trunk version
(edit) @533   8 years dennis Fixed another bug
(edit) @532   8 years dennis imagepath must be self.no_tarball
(edit) @531   8 years bas Added some new 10/100 Mbit network drivers, see #50
(edit) @530   8 years bas updated from 1.5
(edit) @529   8 years bas Enabled CONFIG_NET_PCI and now we have a lot more network cards to …
(edit) @528   8 years bas added support for kernel config: /proc/config.gz
(edit) @527   8 years bas borrowed from 1.5 branch
(edit) @526   8 years bas added some packages to tools/ and for i386 updated …
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