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#41 Add support for boot flag bas defect major sali
#63 sali does not honor original dir permissions when creating mount points dennis defect major SALI 1.7.0 sali kernel/initrd
#71 LVM volumes aanmaken met SALI bas enhancement major SALI 1.7.0 sali
#74 state of SALI and LVM bas task major SALI 1.7.0 sali
#88 PXE boot landed on a # prompt .... auto install not working. dennis defect major SALI 1.7.0 sali
#122 bonding support bas enhancement major sali
#15 Postinstall scripts sorting goes wrong bas task minor SALI 1.7.0 sali
#76 add btrfs as a supported filesystem in SALI dennis enhancement minor SALI 1.7.0 sali kernel/initrd
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