09:31 Ticket #66 (getimage bug) closed by bas
fixed: In 559: […]
09:31 Changeset [559] by bas
added example of exclude files fixed an error in getimage, closes #66
09:27 Changeset [558] by bas
fxed an error in getimgae, forgot to delete " on command line


17:48 Ticket #66 (getimage bug) created by walter.dejong@surfsara.nl
Er zit een foutje in contrib/getimage: […] Komt door een …


11:52 Ticket #50 (i386 tarballs) closed by dennis
11:52 Ticket #51 (Sali capabilities) closed by dennis
11:39 Ticket #65 (docu minor point) created by walter.dejong@surfsara.nl
https://oss.trac.surfsara.nl/sali/wiki/SaliInstallationServer says: …
11:20 Ticket #64 (docu improvement) created by walter.dejong@surfsara.nl
Documentation on …
11:17 Ticket #63 (sali does not honor original dir permissions when creating mount points) created by ramonb
When image contains mount point with certain permissions, i.e.: * …
11:12 Ticket #62 (default config typo) created by walter.dejong@surfsara.nl
[…] en dat komt door een typo in /etc/sali/sali.cfg: […] …
11:10 Ticket #61 (tarball + docu foutjes) created by walter.dejong@surfsara.nl
* cd /var/tmp/sali-1.5.8/examples No such file or directory; in de …
10:59 SaliInstallationServer edited by anonymous


15:14 Changeset [557] by dennis
Tagging new release of SALI
15:10 Changeset [556] by dennis
Added a new script to make sure all the needed firmwares for the …
09:57 Changeset [555] by dennis
Preparing new release new version of SALI
09:37 Changeset [554] by dennis
Made some minor changes


12:17 Ticket #58 (Question about Bittorrent and the masterscript) closed by bas
duplicate: see #57
12:17 Ticket #57 (Sali listenning port server) closed by bas
fixed: will close this ticket. As bittorrent/rsync works.


16:38 WikiStart edited by bas
16:35 SaliUsageCloning edited by bas
16:26 Changeset [553] by bas
more fault prove getimage script
16:23 WikiStart edited by dennis
16:22 SaliUsageCloning edited by bas
16:21 Changeset [552] by bas
add some examples and contrib script to reflect the dcoumentation
16:19 SaliUsageCloning edited by dennis
16:05 SaliUsageCloning edited by dennis
15:53 Changeset [551] by bas
some minor change
15:52 SaliInstallationServer edited by dennis
15:52 Changeset [550] by bas
added getimage script
15:50 SaliInstallationServer edited by dennis
15:42 WikiStart edited by dennis
15:41 SaliUsageCloning created by dennis
15:41 WikiStart edited by dennis
15:20 SaliInstallationServer edited by dennis
15:14 Ticket #60 (replace logmsg with p_comment function) created by dennis
Replace the logmsg function p_comment function, so it has the same …
15:01 SaliInstallationServer edited by dennis
15:00 SaliInstallationServer edited by dennis
14:45 Ticket #59 (Installation for other distributions then debian/ubuntu) created by bas
We have to add the autotools packages for: * configure * Makefile.in …
14:41 SaliInstallationServer edited by bas
14:34 WikiStart edited by bas
14:32 WikiStart edited by bas
14:31 WikiStart edited by bas
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14:27 SaliInstallationClient created by dennis
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11:35 SaliInstallationServer created by dennis
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