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Building Requirements

Here some instructions to build SALI from source. To checkout the source:

Our building environment is:

  • Debian squeeze (amd64)
  • SLES 11 (IBM PowerPC)

See here an overview of the software packages used by Sali.


  • cd sali_trunk
  • Now install the require debian packages:
  • ./configure
  • The following command will fetch. patch, configure and build the packages. The packages will be fetch from It will take some time to finish this process:
    make build
  • Now build a tarball. This can be easily copied to your installation host
    make tarball
  • On our debian amd64 environment and SALI version 1.5.0. The following tarball is being produced:


Same as Debian build. Only you have to execute the following command to install the required packages: