Cloning a image

Step 1: To make an image of your 'golden' client a rsync daemon must be started

# ssh gb-r41n1
# sali_prepare <imageserver name>
Using IP for host <imageserver name>
Created a config file in /tmp/sali_cfg.6706
   starting rsync daemon: rsync --daemon --config=/tmp/sali_cfg.6706

The script keeps running until the imaging has been completed.

Step 2: Now login onto the the imageserver and fetch the image of the golden client with rsync:

# getimage gb-r41n1 golden_image

getimage is a wrapper script:

  • sali getimage --host gb-r41n1 --image golden_image --exclude /etc/sali/exclude/default.path
  • sali rsync

If in the directory /etc/sali/exclude/golden_image.path exists then the this file will be used.

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