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Welcome to Sali!

Here at Sara we use SystemImager to install our nodes on different types of clusters.

SystemImager allows you to create a clone of a your running system. This clone can than be distributed by various ways ( ie. rsync, bittorrent, flamethrower and floppy disks ). When installing a image the target system shall be booted with a initrd which contains the needed utilities for initializing a SystemImager installation. This initrd is very basic. In most cases the SystemImager installation also uses the BOEL. This BOEL contains some necessary utilities for partitioning, formatting and Bittorrent.

But the current inird and BOEL binaries of SystemImager is quite old. So we created Sali to replace only the kernel, initrd and BOEL. Also we only focussed on PXE installations with rsync and/or Bittorrent. So no floppy or flamethrower/multicast support in the initrd of Sali. Because we are focussing on PXE installation we desided to move the utilities from the BOEL to initrd.


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