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#103 fixed get_param of Format/DelSp returns None bas debacle@…

The following two lines in email2trac fail:

format = email.Utils.collapse_rfc2231_value(part.get_param('Format')).lower()
delsp = email.Utils.collapse_rfc2231_value(part.get_param('DelSp')).lower()

This workaround helps, but I'm not sure, whether it is correct:

format = email.Utils.collapse_rfc2231_value(part.get_param('Format') or "").lower()
delsp = email.Utils.collapse_rfc2231_value(part.get_param('DelSp') or "").lower()
#104 fixed tiny syntax error in bas anonymous
---	(revision 233)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -687,7 +687,7 @@
 				value = field.get('value')
 				options = field.get('options')
-				if value and options and value not in options
+				if value and options and value not in options:
 					value = options[int(value)]
 			if self.DEBUG > 10:
#105 fixed Better support for inline attachments and multiple body parts bas anonymous

Right now, email2trac assumes that the first text part of a message is its body, and that everything else is an attachment.

With modern email clients, it's possible to create a message that has an attachment in the middle of its body. MIME represents this kind of a thing as a text/plain part followed by an image type followed by another text/plain part.

When this happens, email2trac produces a ticket whose description contains only the first part of the body, and gives it two attachments: one for the image, and one for the second part of the body. This is wrong.

The patch that I am attaching implements the following features

Proper support for multiple body parts

If a message's body is broken up into several pieces (by attachments in the middle of the message), the ticket's description is set to the entire body, not just the first part

For example, from an email like this:

some text
<some image>
more text

the ticket that is created will have "some text" and "more text" in its description

Links to attachments inside the ticket description

[attachment:filename] links are automatically placed inside the ticket description, so that message text can clearly refer to them.

For example, an email like

I opened this file in your app:
<my file>
and I got the following error dialog:

will generate a ticket like this:

I opened this file in your app:

[attachment:"my file"]

and I got the following error dialog:


Inline image attachments

If an attachment is of type image/* and its Content-Disposition is inline, then a Trac Image macro is placed inside the ticket description in the appropriate place, so that the resulting ticket has the image inline where it belongs in the text.

The same email as in the previous example, if the image is inline, will result in:

I opened this file in your app

[attachment:"my file"]

and I got the following error dialog:

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