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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#153 Trac notification dividers not stripped from Outlook replies new anonymous setup major strip signature/quotes
#194 Better way of stripping outlook-style top-post replies assigned bas enhancement major strip signature/quotes
#297 Add support for ticket-specific email addresses via wildcards assigned bas enhancement major
#307 Bold and Italics to use trac WikiFormatting assigned bas enhancement major
#321 How to avoid duplicate tickets? assigned bas defect major
#328 Better handling of invalid inline properties assigned bas defect major
#331 Update to work with Apache Bloodhound assigned bas enhancement major
#332 email2trac without updating updater assigned bas defect major
#339 Patch Integration GLPI with Email2Trac. assigned bas enhancement major
#344 Allow use of inline-properties to identify the source of a ticket comment assigned bas enhancement major
#349 Unable to configure email2trac new bas setup major
#380 reply creates new ticket assigned bas setup major
#392 email2trac functionality is not working assigned bas defect major
#418 Email doesn't create tickets assigned bas setup major
#445 Trac 1.4 not supported by email2trac assigned bas defect major
#446 How to fix: email2trac test: ImportError: cannot import name TicketNotifyEmail assigned bas enhancement major
#318 honoration of Reply-to: field in email assigned bas enhancement minor
#367 attachment as raw-attachment? assigned bas enhancement minor
#376 Not a problem just something that might help others assigned bas enhancement minor
#378 Mitigating autorespond loops by implementing RFC 3834 assigned bas enhancement minor
#402 Register for assigned bas task minor
#414 Last Milestone version assigned bas enhancement minor
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