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#245 fixed Little Syntax Problem bas dirk@…

The pipe-symbol has to go inside the quotes.

tracproj: "|/usr/bin/run_email2trac [--project=<name>] [--ticket_prefix=<name>]"
#40 fixed Lost in config - emails not arriving at trac bas Johan

I've read and reread the docs, but I'm obviously missing something. I can't get email2trac setup properly.

running email2trac --project=alarmsystem < msg.txt produces the message TD: saving email to /tmp/tmp6TmF-f.email2trac - I don't have write access to /var/lib/trac/alarmsystem/db/, fair enough. If I run the command as root it works, and I get the new ticket in trac.

It's after this I'm lost, when trying to send an email to create the ticket.

What address does it get sent to? Should that address be a user on the system? An existing user? A new user?

As far as I understand it, I have fetchmail fetching mail from the server, and postfix delivers it. Should I use:

bugs: | "/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac --project=alarmsystem" - for postfix


mda "/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac" - for fetchmail

The mta_user needs to be configured for each one, and I've checked that that's set correctly when I try this.

So far I've tried creating a new email -, and a new user - bugs - who recieves the email. This works, it's simple enough for me to handle!

I add the alias in postfix, and nothing actually happens. The user bugs still recieves the emails without them appearing in trac. If I change the alias to do something else with the emails, such as forward them to someone else, that works as anticipated. So postfix is doing its job, I think.

What step have I missed? What am I not understanding?

Ubuntu feisty trac 0.10.3-1 email2trac 0.10

#276 fixed mail list labels not stripped created bas bas

The doc string of ticket_update_by_subject claims to strip mail list labels, but doesn't. I can provide a patch, but I want to check what's acceptable first. The form of labels it claims to strip is "(<Mail list label>:)+ ", but I'm familiar with mailman-style "[label]", so should it be a regex config item?

Note: This ticket was deleted. Was fighting spam tickets and also deleted this ticket. So i have created the ticket again, but do not have the email address of the reporter;-(

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