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#308 fixed Problems with run_email2trac and no logging possible bas kmartinka@…


I'm trying to figure out how to configure email2trac with fetchmail, but I'm unable to get it working if the .fetchmailrc is set to : mda "/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac"

but it works, if I have set the following line : mda "/usr/local/bin/email2trac"

Unfortunately it imports all emails in to TRAC :(, even from unathorised users or previously deleted users (removed from permissions, but it seems, that since they are still in DB the email2trac resolves it)

  • The trac2email.conf in /usr/local/etc has following options enabled and set:
    log_file : /home/trac/email2trac.log
    log_level : DEBUG
    log_type : FILE
    ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
    ticket_permission_system: 1

It does not log(!) and it does ignore any permissions in TRAC.. It imports every email and it does not create the log file.

The fetchmail is being run under the account which has the permissions to the home directory.. (trac)

Please help me with the three installation issues :

  1. email2trac works, while run_email2trac does not (maybe explain the difference, please
  2. logging is not working
  3. permissions are not working

(Trac version 0.12.2)


#309 fixed Test bas bas@…
#310 worksforme Website down? bas james@…
Hey I'm just in the middle of reading your docs on when the server went down! Is
everything ok?

I'm curious to ask if you could recommend what to use to listen for emails
to pass to the MTA. I'm running everything in debian.


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