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Jobmond can't find pbs_python module

Your jobmond reports: FATAL ERROR: BATCH_API set to 'pbs' but python module 'pbs_python' is not installed

however are sure that is really installed, but somehow python still can't find it.

To solve this, first locate the path of your pbs_python module:

  • locate
  • find / -name -print

This may result in a local alternate path, for example: /usr/local/lib/python/site-packages/pbs or any other path depending on your system.

Then set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include the path where this file was found:

  • exort PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/usr/local/lib/python/site-packages/pbs
  • start jobmond normally: /etc/init.d/jobmond start

Why does Job Monarch say it was "Last updated: 1970" ?

This can mean a number of things:

  • jobmond is not running
  • jobmond's metrics are not arriving at your gmetad
    • Does your gmetad display the MONARCH metrics? Try telnet localhost 8651 | grep MONARCH
  • your cluster name is not set correctly in either Ganglia or Job Monarch
    • Check your gmond.conf, gmetad.conf and jobmond.conf for the correct (and the same) clustername

Why are Job Monarch's cluster image's not drawn ?

Most likely, you don't have GD installed or enabled in your PHP configuration. See:

Why is Job Monarch's pie chart not drawn ?

Most likely, you don't have GD installed or enabled in your PHP configuration. See:

My distribution has Ganglia installed in a other path than /var/www

You can easily create your own packages, with a alternate WEBDIR.

  • Download the tarball and extract it
tar zxvf ganglia_jobmonarch-latest.tar.gz
  • edit the Makefile
cd ganglia_jobmonarch-<version>
vi Makefile
  • change the WEBDIR variable to your alternate webdir
WEBDIR = /var/www

This is the ROOT path of your webserver and the Makefile assumes that ganglia is in: ${WEBDIR}/ganglia

  • make new packages
make rpm
make deb

Why doesn't Job Monarch web frontend display the job information

Have you checked the Requirements ? Did you meet all the version requirements? Try upgrading your Ganglia daemons to the latest 3.0.x version.

How does "SORTBY_HOSTNAME" work?

You can use it to set in what order and layout the nodes of your cluster are drawn in the 'clusterimage'. This is useful if you want to represent the physical layout of your cluster in the clusterimage.

If you have for example nodes organized in racks, you can let Job Monarch parse the hostname to generate a image like this:

Lets assume you have nodes with the hostname:

First you have to specify a cluster-specific config file, in conf.php:

$CLUSTER_CONFS["My Cluster"]    = "./conf-mycluster.php";

Then in conf-mycluster.php:

$SORTBY_HOSTNAME = "rack{x}node{y}";
$SORT_ORDER = "asc";
$SORT_XLABEL = "rack";
$SORT_YLABEL = "node";
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