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#39 fixed blacklisting, check for case insensitive mailer-daemon@ bas jodok@…

not all mailer-daemons specify ther e-mail adress in uppercase letters. re.IGNORECASE should be included.

        def blacklisted_from(self):
                FROM_RE = re.compile(r"""
                    """, re.VERBOSE|re.IGNORECASE)
                result =
                if result:
                        return True
                        return False

                 """, re.VERBOSE|re.IGNORECASE)
#74 fixed black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@" bas email2trac@…

This may be a fringe usage, but we redirect certain bounce emails to email2trac so that we can keep track of them in Trac.

It was great that 0.30 introduced the black_list parameter. Unfortunately, even if the parameter is empty, "MAILER-DAEMON@" will always be added to it.

Is there a reason why this configuration parameter behaves as such? If it is to prevent email loops, perhaps email2trac can set a separate X-* header and check explicitly for that?

#144 fixed Better Unicode support bas trumbitta@…

When a non-ASCII character is in the description, the message will not be parsed and the script will exit.

I'll try to fix this figuring out where to put a .encode('utf-8') but I'm not a python programmer...

I guess this is a problem wich not only affects the description, but also other fields.

You can easily check by adding an è somewhere in the description of a ticket.

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