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#173 fixed Extend email_quote to accept regexes bas samuel@…

Several email clients (importantly, including gmail) prefixes reply quotes with the line:

"On <date> <somebody> wrote:"

Email2trac is currently unable to strip this from messages using email_quote. However, this could easily be done by allowing email_quote to accept regular expressions.

The only modification necessary to make this work is to change line 1067 in

  • if line.startswith(self.EMAIL_QUOTE):

+ if re.match(self.EMAIL_QUOTE, line):

#86 fixed Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis bas saranl@…

I'd like to route some automatically generated emails (like a status report) to generate a ticket as usual but NOT have any notifications sent to the 'reporter' address when the ticket is created or updated (in fact ever).

Maybe there could be an option for this I could add to the project options in email2trac.conf - it's easy enough to route these mails to a particular address and have the project name set on the command line.

#413 fixed Support for Trac version 1.2 bas sbroadhead@…

Recently upgraded our Trac system to version 1.2 and broke our email2trac functionality. Am seeing the following in our syslog:

"Mar 13 14:44:08 <tracserver> email2trac <trac_proj>: TRAC version 1.2 is not supported"

<tracserver> and <trac_proj> replacements for specific values.

Will Trac 1.2 be supported soon?

Also... upgraded to email2trac version 2.10

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