22:01 Tickets #341,​342 batch updated by bas
fixed: In 654: […]
22:01 Changeset [654] by bas
fixed format-security problem, closes #341 fixed Typo in variable …
15:49 Ticket #342 (Typo in variable assignment) created by anonymous
There is a typo on line 747 of email2trac.py - instead of …


13:39 Ticket #341 (format-security problem) created by thomas.moschny@…
When run_email2trac.c is compiled with -Werror=format-security, this …


10:32 Ticket #338 (Error assigns a ticket to a Developer) closed by bas
fixed: see Changeset: [638]
10:27 Ticket #340 ([patch] Incorrect method call causing exception in some cases) closed by bas
fixed: In 653: […]
10:26 Changeset [653] by bas
added two patches: 1) applied lower to an object instead of string, …
04:09 Ticket #340 ([patch] Incorrect method call causing exception in some cases) created by ianyh
There was a case where the lower method on a string was referenced as …


22:55 Ticket #335 (Couple config questions for email2trac) closed by bas
wontfix: no feedback so closing
22:54 Ticket #336 (email2trac included in the Softpedia Linux software database) closed by bas
fixed: thanks for the info


23:03 Ticket #339 (Patch Integration GLPI with Email2Trac.) created by ivanelsonnunes@…
Hello, I made a simple change to integrate the Email2Trac with tool …


02:12 Ticket #338 (Error assigns a ticket to a Developer) created by ivanelsonnunes@…
Always this error occurs. When will I assign a ticket. I noticed that …


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