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#35 PERC 3DC controller not found after upgrade to debian lenny new defect major
#36 defect install on ubuntu 8.04... cannot open shared object file new defect major
#37 Can't login to web interface in Intrepid 64 bits. new setup major
#38 dellosma package download very slow assigned bas defect major
#40 IWS fails on start new defect major
#43 Web interface is not available new defect major
#45 Snmp problem with omsa 6.0.1-10 on T610 with lenny new defect major
#46 OMSA 6.1.0? assigned bas enhancement major
#47 Solved assigned bas enhancement major
#48 Web server does not run on Ubuntu karmic assigned bas setup major
#51 Crashed system during install on PowerEdge R300 new defect major
#58 another note about 64bit package on ubuntu karmic (FAQ) new setup major
#65 Ubuntu 10.4: SMTP daemon dies after 24 hrs assigned bas defect major
#67 post-inst package script should run ldconfig new defect major
#68 PERC H200 not supported new enhancement major
#69 PERC 6/I RAID controller support new enhancement major
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