22:04 Changeset [187] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - Added some statements to catch sqlite insertion …
17:49 Ticket #21 (Several Enhacnements of email2trac) created by "Heiko Behrens" <HeikoBehrens@…>


05:56 Email2tracMta edited by anonymous
04:48 Email2tracMta edited by anonymous
added qmail instructions (diff)


04:30 Ticket #20 (fails with request for r/w permissions when user possesses them already) created by rercola@…
I have a Trac 0.10.3 install on this machine, and I grabbed email2trac …


01:33 Ticket #19 (mysterious problem) created by "James Switzer" <greatflamingfoo@…>


18:50 Ticket #18 (Support replying to ticket notifications) created by chrivers@…
I'm trying to use trac+email2trac as a request tracket for the …


08:45 Email2tracMta edited by egi@…


10:11 Email2tracMta edited by anonymous
I did a fix for the postfix configuration there where some quotes missing (diff)


21:19 Email2tracMta edited by bas
21:18 Email2tracMta edited by bas
10:59 Changeset [186] by bas
New email2trac release
10:58 Changeset [185] by bas
debian/changelog: - Changed author
10:55 Changeset [184] by bas
10:55 Changeset [183] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - Renamed a variable self.email_field to self.email_from


17:17 Ticket #15 (Milestone Handling) created by Garrett McGrath <gmcgrath@…>
14:36 Changeset [182] by bas
email2trac.py.in, ChangeLog?: - applied patch in ticket #2
14:34 Ticket #2 (patch to make update via email work with trac 0.11 dev) closed by bas
fixed: applied to trunk version. So close ticket. Will soon release a new version.
14:12 Ticket #10 (PYTHON_EGG_CACHE needed) closed by bas
fixed: Close ticket
14:10 Ticket #7 (Ticket field manipulation) closed by bas
fixed: Close ticket
13:29 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
13:24 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
13:18 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
13:07 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
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