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#253 fixed Script easily confused by duplicate subject lines bas kofal002@…

As mentioned in #252, we're using this script to handle incoming customer email. In this use case, it is possible to confuse the script simply by having two tickets named the same (or, with Email2Trac, two emails with the same subject line).

To reproduce:

  • Obtain two email accounts, accountA and accountB.
  • From both accounts send an email with the same subject line.
  • Email2Trac will create two tickets.
  • Use both accounts to reply to their own email.
  • Email2Trac will place both replies on accountB's ticket (whichever has the higher ticket number).

Expected behavior:

  • I would expect accountA's reply to go to accountA's ticket instead.
  • If no ticket number is found in subject line and multiple tickets match the subject line, Email2Trac should prioritize tickets that have reporter equal to the email sender.
#255 fixed suggestion for change to Email2tracConfiguration bas kgeter@…


I love your product, it is a vital part of our workflow. We upgraded a few weeks ago, but only recently noticed that tickets were not being reopened when the reporter replied to the notification email on a closed ticket. Your documentation says to do this in email2trac.conf:

[project] # workflow_<ticket status>: <workflow name> workflow_closed: reopen

This makes it seem like you need to literally create a block called [project] (since there is such a thing in trac.ini) with workflow directive line, when in fact you only need to add the workflow directive line to the [DEFAULT] block. I would suggest changing your documentation to make this less confusing. I spent several frustrating hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working.


Ken Geter Academic Technologist / PhD student Iliff School of Theology Denver, CO, USA

#256 fixed to env or not to env .. that is the question.. bas edward.b.matheson@…

So I am getting this in the output logs

2011-07-28 13:52:54,438 email2trac atol: Loading environment /var/trac/atol 2011-07-28 13:52:54,577 email2trac atol: Trac project does not exists: /var/trac/atol

  • email2trac.conf
    parentdir: /var/trac
    project: /var/trac/atol
    debug: 1
    log_type: file
    log_level: DEBUG
    log_file: /tmp/email2trac.log
    umask: 022
    spam_level: 5
    reply_all : 0
    mailto_link: 0
    umask: 022
    email_header: 0
    trac_version: 0.12
    # enable_syslog : 1
    alternate_notify_template :
    alternate_notify_template_update :
    drop_spam : 0
    verbatim_format: 1
    strip_signature: 1
    email_quote: >
    strip_quotes: 0
    ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
    black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@
    drop_alternative_html_version: 1
    ticket_update: 1
    strip_signature: 1
    html2text_cmd: /usr/bin/html2text -nobs
    trac_version: 0.12
    d318support_component : Branch_Support
    d318support_ttd : D318-support
    atolsupport_component : ATOLNet
    atolsupport_ttd : atol-support 
  • aliases
    trac: "| /usr/local/bin/email2trac --project=atol"
    d318-support: "| /usr/local/bin/email2trac --project=atol --ticket_prefix=d318support"
    atol-support: "| /usr/local/bin/email2trac --project=atol --ticket_prefix=atolsupport"
  • using trac .0.12.2
  • I can't get any of the aliases working.. help?
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