20:54 Ticket #93 (Attachments are added to tickets, but are broken) created by planktr@…
I have email2trac working on a Windows server using fetchmail+Cygwin. …


02:19 Ticket #92 (Possible to give examples of usage on the wiki?) created by anonymous
This sounds fantastic, but I am having trouble understanding what a …


22:47 Ticket #77 (Contributing back some customizations) closed by bas
fixed: thanks for the clarification. The support for this feature is now in …
21:18 Ticket #77 (Contributing back some customizations) reopened by Jon Webster


23:02 Ticket #88 (Ease of use) reopened by thinice@…
[…] Yes. People who oversee technical people might not understand …


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12:29 Changeset [229] by bas
New email2trac release 0.40
11:40 Changeset [228] by bas
11:29 Changeset [227] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - recipient_list did not work
11:26 Changeset [226] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - added recipient_list parameter, closes #77
11:19 Ticket #77 (Contributing back some customizations) closed by bas
fixed: i have implement the recipient_list parameter in the trunk …
11:19 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
11:17 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas


18:18 Changeset [225] by bas
17:25 Changeset [224] by bas
Preparing for new version 0.40
15:51 Ticket #90 ([Patch] eMail with 'alternate_notify_template' after creation does not work) closed by bas
fixed: Applied to trunk with some modifications: * added …
15:43 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
15:36 Changeset [223] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - fixed a typo error ChangeLog?: - Added some credits
15:10 Changeset [222] by bas
email2trac.py.in, email2trac.conf: - added …
14:46 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
14:39 Email2tracConfiguration edited by bas
14:35 Changeset [221] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - closes ticket #87, #74 - added a more general …
14:32 Ticket #66 (Setting ticket fields during ticket creation) closed by bas
fixed: no response
14:31 Ticket #67 (write documentation about new ticket creation) closed by bas
fixed: No response
14:30 Ticket #80 (Embed Images) closed by bas
duplicate: this is a duplicate #71
14:25 Ticket #74 (black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@") closed by bas
fixed: Your right this fixed in the trunk version. black_list is now emapty …
14:15 Ticket #89 (Issue with 'blank' emails containing only attachments) closed by bas
fixed: No response
14:14 Ticket #88 (Ease of use) closed by bas
fixed: No response
14:13 Ticket #87 (Doesn't work when email has '>From ' in the headers.) closed by bas
fixed: In trunk a message is printed when this is not a valid email format
14:06 Ticket #82 (need to contact authors) closed by bas
fixed: Did not receive a response on my question.
14:03 Ticket #81 (email2trac chokes if debug is on and From header has non-ASCII characters) closed by bas
fixed: Could not reproduce this error with trunk version


17:38 Ticket #74 (black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@") reopened by email2trac@…
Odd. I received an email for the 2nd comment, but not the 1st (not in …
16:36 Ticket #74 (black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@") closed by bas
fixed: Did not hear anything back
16:35 Ticket #69 (Mail Loop in Email To Trac) closed by bas
fixed: case
16:34 Ticket #65 (ticketnumber@trachost.domain.tld) closed by bas
16:34 Ticket #54 (Problems with email notification; in particular smtp_from) closed by bas
fixed: case closed
16:33 Ticket #52 (email notifications) closed by bas
fixed: Let close this
16:28 Changeset [220] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - update_ticket_fields must be place after the …


21:49 Ticket #91 (Config file parsing issue) closed by bas
19:35 Ticket #91 (Config file parsing issue) created by Matthew.Carlson@…
Email2trac doesn't work with [DEFAULT] configuration. Fails with the …


17:38 Ticket #90 ([Patch] eMail with 'alternate_notify_template' after creation does not work) created by hju@…
I tried to use a modified copie of …


23:33 Ticket #85 (ImportError: No module named genshi) closed by bas


17:44 Changeset [219] by bas
email2trac.py.in: - see Changelog and closed ticket #89


19:22 Ticket #89 (Issue with 'blank' emails containing only attachments) created by anonymous
If a blank email is sent with just an attachment, a blank comment is …
19:15 Ticket #88 (Ease of use) created by anonymous
Add monikers that can be placed within the body text of an email to …
15:04 Ticket #87 (Doesn't work when email has '>From ' in the headers.) created by email2trac@…
I use procmail in explicit delivery mode to a user called email. It …[…]


20:10 Ticket #84 (New Tickets are created with resolution :fixed) closed by hju@…
worksforme: As the bug is already fixed in the trunk version I'set this ticket to …


14:08 Ticket #70 (Reactivate closed tickets if a new email pertaining to them is found) reopened by hju@…
Replying to bas: > This feature is implemented in the …


14:56 Ticket #86 (Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis) created by saranl@…
I'd like to route some automatically generated emails (like a status …
10:38 Ticket #70 (Reactivate closed tickets if a new email pertaining to them is found) closed by bas
fixed: No feedback
10:34 Ticket #78 (Tickets created by email2trac add a ticket ID change event) closed by bas
fixed: No feedback
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