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#1 Test 1234 bas setup blocker email2trac
#34 Have newer seen such a good work before! bas setup blocker email2trac
#126 sendmail with email2trac problem (resubmitted with proper formatting) bas defect blocker Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#134 Email2Trac and Fetchmail bas setup blocker email2trac
#170 Inline Properties bas defect blocker email2trac
#184 Deadlock with "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf6'" bas defect blocker email2trac
#196 The usage of a slash ( / ) in subjects is not permitted when forwarding bas defect blocker 1.4.0 email2trac
#212 same error as in [428] bas defect blocker email2trac
#220 Having Issue in the installation procedure for fetchmail bas setup blocker email2trac
#237 using email2trac via sendmail with MySQL DB backend producing error bas setup blocker email2trac
#241 Strange error on CentOS-5.5, email2trac-2.0.2, python-2.5 bas defect blocker email2trac
#366 Test message errors with email2.8.8./ trac 1.1.4 bas enhancement blocker email2trac
#447 Installation / Setup issue with Ubuntu 20.04 / Trac 1.2.5 / Fetchmail bas setup blocker run_emailtrac
#4 email sent to multiple recipients bas defect critical email2trac
#15 Milestone Handling bas task critical email2trac
#44 With a ticket update we must check if message is Spam bas task critical email2trac
#69 Mail Loop in Email To Trac bas defect critical email2trac
#90 [Patch] eMail with 'alternate_notify_template' after creation does not work bas enhancement critical email2trac
#141 Attachment with "ü" causes python error an is not attached bas defect critical email2trac
#152 HTML-mails content not stored in description of ticket anonymous task critical release 2.0.0 email2trac
#167 attachments cause an infinite loop bas setup critical email2trac
#199 Email notifications not getting sent when the Account Manager plugin is enabled bas defect critical email2trac
#248 setting ticket_update_by_subject to 1 makes email2trac crash bas defect critical email2trac
#267 Deadlock with "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xfc' in position ##: ordinal not in range(128)" bas defect critical New email2trac release 2.4.0 email2trac
#303 Fwd: email2trac not compatible with trac 1.0? bas defect critical email2trac
#304 None and None-1 encoding problem bas defect critical email2trac
#308 Problems with run_email2trac and no logging possible bas defect critical run_emailtrac
#333 replying email not working bas setup critical email2trac
#444 having problem in installing email2trac on Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS bas setup critical email2trac
#5 Windows 2003 Installation bas enhancement major email2trac
#6 Strip email quotes bas enhancement major email2trac
#7 Ticket field manipulation bas enhancement major email2trac
#8 With restrict_owner=true ticket is not created. bas defect major email2trac
#10 PYTHON_EGG_CACHE needed bas enhancement major email2trac
#11 email2trac fails on postfix bas defect major email2trac
#13 Setting ticket attrubutes bas task major email2trac
#14 rpmbuild from spec installation fails bas defect major email2trac
#18 Support replying to ticket notifications bas enhancement major email2trac
#19 mysterious problem bas defect major email2trac
#20 fails with request for r/w permissions when user possesses them already anonymous defect major email2trac
#21 Several Enhacnements of email2trac anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#22 configuration for postfix+trac under apache+email2trac0.10 under ubuntu server bas defect major email2trac
#25 always an attachment in ticket creation bas defect major email2trac
#26 Q: Able to collaborate internally on tickets before mailing a response anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#28 email after ticket-creation with email2trac is not sent bas defect major email2trac
#29 email after ticket-creation with email2trac is not sent bas defect major email2trac
#32 permissions issue, email2trac config bas defect major email2trac
#33 Using long name for post bas defect major email2trac
#35 In trac 0.11 email2trac fails in notify and in ticket_update methods bas task major email2trac
#36 read the configuration file with trac Configuration class bas enhancement major email2trac
#38 integrityerror bas defect major email2trac
#39 blacklisting, check for case insensitive mailer-daemon@ bas task major email2trac
#40 Lost in config - emails not arriving at trac bas setup major email2trac
#41 Emailed 'reported by' not a valid username bas task major email2trac
#42 email2trac problem bas setup major email2trac
#43 email2trac problem bas defect major email2trac
#45 email2trac bas enhancement major email2trac
#46 Not the greatest little program. anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#47 Notifications not being sent when tickets created via email2trac bas defect major email2trac
#49 Notification Message missing URLs bas defect major email2trac
#50 Configuring a exim4 debian package to use with email2trac bas defect major email2trac
#52 email notifications bas defect major email2trac
#53 Problem with E-Mail Generation bas defect major email2trac
#54 Problems with email notification; in particular smtp_from bas defect major email2trac
#55 Set Ticket Type bas enhancement major email2trac
#57 attempting to update a ticket fails, unsupported operand error bas defect major email2trac
#58 I don't understand how to configure ticket update bas setup major email2trac
#59 are some of these config ints actually bools? bas defect major email2trac
#60 mailto_trac + german umlaut problem bas defect major email2trac
#61 Notifications not sent when email2trac adds a ticket bas setup major email2trac
#62 email notification on ticket_update doesn't work when project has no components bas defect major email2trac
#63 Crash when parsing X-Spam-Score headers with no score bas defect major email2trac
#64 Configuration flag for SpamAssassin header bas enhancement major email2trac
#65 ticketnumber@trachost.domain.tld anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#66 Setting ticket fields during ticket creation anonymous enhancement major email2trac
#67 write documentation about new ticket creation bas task major email2trac
#68 Strip attachments with certain file extensions bas enhancement major Release 1.1.0 email2trac
#70 Reactivate closed tickets if a new email pertaining to them is found bas enhancement major 0.80 email2trac
#72 Format of the mail bas setup major email2trac
#73 Project name is no longer optional (regression in 0.30) bas defect major email2trac
#74 black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@" bas defect major email2trac
#75 black_list splits on whitespace instead of commas bas defect major email2trac
#77 Contributing back some customizations bas enhancement major email2trac
#79 Having some issues getting multiple projects to work bas setup major email2trac
#80 Embed Images anonymous defect major email2trac
#81 email2trac chokes if debug is on and From header has non-ASCII characters bas defect major email2trac
#84 New Tickets are created with resolution :fixed bas defect major email2trac
#85 ImportError: No module named genshi bas defect major email2trac
#86 Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis bas enhancement major email2trac
#87 Doesn't work when email has '>From ' in the headers. bas defect major email2trac
#89 Issue with 'blank' emails containing only attachments anonymous defect major email2trac
#91 Config file parsing issue bas defect major email2trac
#93 Attachments are added to tickets, but are broken bas setup major email2trac
#94 Support for RFC 3676 (format=flowed) bas enhancement major email2trac
#95 Items being dropped or indefinately que'd by mailman when email2trac has an error bas defect major email2trac
#96 QMail can't use sudo method in documentation bas setup major email2trac
#97 Download of email2trac fails bas defect major email2trac
#98 RFC 3676 support breaks when content-type doesn't include delsp parameter bas defect major email2trac
#99 RFC 3676 support breaks when content-type doesn't include delsp parameter bas defect major email2trac
#101 Correctly set custom field default values when creating a ticket bas enhancement major email2trac
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